Engineering Survey References

Public Contracts/Courts/Private Persons

Hitherto the main focus of the engineering surveys carried out has been in the field of public contracts officiating as a technical specialist.

  • Engineering surveys for yield, installation and mounting of photovoltaic equipment
  • The engineering surveys were generally carried out for courts. Furthermore, surveys were also executed for private persons.
  • Engineering surveys of airport lighting equipment
  • Engineering surveys and appraisal of the safety power supply network of a clinic
  • Engineering surveys for a photo voltaic power plant of 1.5MWp
  • Engineering surveys for the design of electrical utility rooms
  • Engineering surveys of security lighting
  • Feasibility studies for the continued use of aging transformer station buildings
  • Establishment of documentation for protection against explosions
  • Monitoring of engineering surveys for the approval of the fire-protection wiring being renewed for the fire gas exhaust system
  • Provision of surveyor's opinion as to the planning guidelines for security equipment
  • Surveyor's consultation and establishment of lightning protection guidelines for security equipment